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EHY-1020 IL

EHY-1020 IL


Prostate disease treatment device

EHY-1020 is specifically designed to treat prostate diseases. Both malignant and benign tumors (BPH) can be treated using this system. It uses a catheter with built-in electronics and counter electrode. The EHY-1020 system is compact and easy to use. The method has been successfully used by our customers for many years.

Demo video


Prostate cancer


Prostate operation
EHY-1020 IL
EHY-1020 IL

Technical specifications

Line voltage:
AC 230V/50Hz
Power input:
300 VA
Output useful power:
max. 80 W
Nominal load:
50 Ohm
Output carrier frequency:
339 (KHz)
Output modulating frequency:
Fractal noise
35 (kg)
Size (height,depth,width):
520*490*590 mm
+10°C - +30°C
Relative humidity:
20% - 60% (non condensing)
Air pressure:
700 hPa - 1060 hPa

Device accessories

Catheter (CH16)
Counter electrode (with cable)
Counter electrode (without cable)
Electrosmog checker (indicates the radiated power in mW/cm2), (Optional)