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06/04/2019 - 07:17 | Corporate Social Responsibility External News

Oncotherm Running Team reloaded

Official website of the event
Oncotherm Running Team at Crazy5k
Oncotherm Running Team at Crazy5k

Congratulate again to our runners. They completed the Crazy5K running competition in Dunakeszi on 02.06.2019.

CRAZY5K is a fun and challenging obstacle run, which gives you the chance to feel like a child once again. The 10 gigantic inflatable obstacles are placed along a 5 km long track.

The competition is organized in other countries and cities as well like Milan, Rome, Torino and several Hungarian cities (Pogány, Győr, Szeged).

The runners were:

  • Johanna Dovala
  • Anette Pap
  • Zsanett Török
  • Anikó Bertók
  • Zsófia Hahn
  • Gergely Orbán
  • Sándor Duzsárdi
  • Róbert Karai
  • Áron Koppa
  • Péter Ádori

For more information please visit the official website of the event: