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15 June 2017 | Posted in: Internal News Product- EHY-2030

Unique device against cancer, the EHY-2030

Video of EHY-2030

we are proud to introduce a unique device against cancer, a brilliant solution for the patient,

the EHY-2030

It features a number of new innovations that help deliver the same highly effective modulated electro-hyperthermia treatment more effectively using a new, more patient-oriented design.

  • Redesigned tuning system which is capable of faster and more accurate targeting of forwarded power, while preserving healthy tissues.
  • New concept in oncologocal hyperthermia is the Smart Electrode System (SES), which provides visual feedback to physicians and adjusts perfectly to ensure the right fit for each patient.
  • New robotic electrode holder system also makes SES positioning faster and simpler.
  • User friendly touch screen display provides easy access to all system controls.

EHY-2030 is an exceptional tool for all clinics.

Our mission is your healthy future