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Mr. Balázs Ács

Mr. Balázs Ács

CEO at Oncotherm Group
  • Division: Management
  • Email:
    acsbalazs [kukac] oncotherm [pont] org
Balázs Ács

He is the manager and owner of both the German and Hungarian Oncotherm companies and the companies founded by Ács Medical Holding (SCA Holding Kft., SCA Medical Trading Kft., SCA Pro Med Service Kft., SCA Oncology Kft., OncoPet Kft.). His task is to define the right, long-term strategy that will have a positive impact on the future and operation of the group. Finding new areas and cooperation partners, building relationships. Ongoing consultation with middle managers (R&D, QA, Manufacturing), ministries and oncology institutes. He actively participates in the preparation of clinical trials and domestic and EU applications.

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