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Our mission & ambitions

The number of cancer cases is growing worldwide; thus patients and physicians both increasingly require procedures to promote conventional cancer treatments. Oncothermia (loco-regional Electro-Hyperthermia) is an effective complementary treatment to conventional cancer therapies. The process, which has only minimal adverse effects, is recognised and used more and more widely.

Our mission is to increase the survival time of cancer patients, to improve their quality of life causing the fewest possible suffer and side-effects. Our intention is to produce high quality level medical devices to meet the state-of-the-art of oncology and tumor-therapies. Our goal is to make Oncothermia accepted among medical professions. We want to be a developer and manufacturer of our medical devices producing excellent quality and to reach a position of a globally accepted and widely used method.

The operational principle and the technical standard of the products secure a leading role for Oncotherm Group on the market of hyperthermia devices.

The mission of the company was determined at its foundation in 1988 by the founder and inventor, Prof. Dr. András Szász. Our definitive aim is to help the suffering patients with effective therapy and to avoid side effects. Ongoing research and development under the leadership of Professor Szász guarantee that our medical equipment is constructed and manufactured according to the latest medical and technical standards. 

Oncothermia has become one of the leading Hyperthermia-therapies in Europe. More then 400.000 Oncothermia treatments are performed every year. The therapy is used for patients with different tumour diseases. 

The most important point in the company’s philosophy is the well-being of the patient, close to the Hippocratic principle: “Nil Nocere” (no harm). When developing the devices we take the highest care in minimizing risks and using advantages because the treatment should be both effective and comfortable for the patient. The company and its method cannot promise any miracles, but we guarantee the use of the latest technical and scientific standards.