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Projects financed by the Hungarian Ministry of Finance

  • Development of emergency ventilator and ImmunoBooster prototype

    Beneficiary Name: Oncotherm Kft.

    Title of the project: „Development of emergency ventilator and ImmunoBooster prototype”

    Amount of contracted support: 462.242.443 forints

    Support rate: 77,97%%

    Projected completion date : 31.12.2022

    Project ID number : PM/15237-13/2020

    In the course of this project, our company intends to develop two devices to the level of building a verification product: A ventilator, which might later be available to the Hungarian State at any time if needed, and a treatment device that uses radio frequency space (ImmunoBooster), which may be able to prevent the development of infection to reduce symptoms. Currently, there are several large manufacturers offering products on the ventilator market, however, in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic, it became clear that manufacturers were unable to meet the demands that have arisen, therefore, countries were put in a vulnerable position. This exposure can be reduced by companies with domestic production capacity.

    In addition to ventilators, the fight against viral infections is also important. In addition to vaccines, a device could provide effective treatment in several functions using the radio frequency field. The planned device could not only be effective in reducing the symptoms caused by infection, but could also affect the course of the disease by supporting the immune system. This tool might be an excellent weapon in the treatment of patients in viral outbreaks, even in cooperation with vaccination procedures. The procedure might be an effective method in the treatment of patients in a critical, comatose stage and various complications (such as fibrosis in various organs, primarily in the lungs), and might also be used in the aftercare and rehabilitation of patients and in the ongoing treatment of complications that may become chronic.

  • Additional ultrasound equipment for EHY-4000 oncology device

    Beneficiary Name: Oncotherm Kft. 

    Title of the project: „Additional ultrasound equipment for EHY-4000 oncology device”

    Amount of contracted support: 349 709 888 forints

    Support rate: 65,15%

    Projected completion date : 30.11.2024

    Project ID number : GINOP_PLUSZ-2.1.1-21-2022-00058

    One of the weak points of hyperthermic medical applications is the poor definability of the temperature conditions of the body with the devices used. Related research has determined the ideal temperature and exposure time requirement for the given applications with in-vitro (non-living organism) experiments; however, the in-depth measurement of the body temperature during the intervention, the so-called “minimally-invasive” manner and an adequate measurement accuracy has not yet been resolved, despite the fact, that this temperature determines the relevant dose.

    The purpose of our tender is to complement the oncology treatment equipment EHY-4000 developed and transferred to production within the projects NVKP_16-2016-0042 and 2019-1.1.1-PIACI-KFI-2019-00011 with an ultrasound device not currently available on the market, which is able to examine the temperature and temperature-change of the tumour and visually display it to physicians operating the device, thus making the non-invasive treatment provided by our device not only even more personalized and safe but also unique on the market, that will give our business a significant competitive advantage over its competitors.