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Stage IV Wilms tumor treated by Korean medicine, hyperthermia and thymosin-α1: A case report



Wilms tumor is one of general solid cancers that occur in children, which carries a death rate of 7–8 in a million. The cure rate of Wilms tumor in the recent 30 years has dramatically been improved, but a proper remedy is still not prepared enough in terms of application in tumor therapy upon recurrence after radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy. We present an integrative medical remedy – hyperthermia and thymosin-α1 treatment focused on herbal remedy – since there have been cases in which this remedy contributed to remission in the liver-transferred part in the 4th phase of Wilms tumor and stable maintenance of metastatic lung lesion.

Case Presentation

Our patient, a female Korean mongoloid outpatient, was treated from October 25, 2014, to July 22, 2015. The herbal remedy consisted of 8 ml inhalation of Soram nebulizer solution q.d., Soramdan S 8 g p.o., Hangamdan S 1 g p.o., t.i.d., Cheongjangtang 10–30 ml, and Spiam HC 8 g p.o. The integrative medical therapy was done with hyperthermia therapy (oncothermia) and 1.6 mg of thymosin-α1 treatment (Zadaxin) i.m. According to the CT result on July 15th, 2015, the liver metastasis was not seen anymore, while the lung metastasis was maintained stably without tumor progress.


Accompanying integrative medical therapy with herbal remedy in the treatment of Wilms tumor showing progress patterns after surgery and chemotherapy can be meaningful as a new remedy.

Key Words: Wilms tumor, Korean medicine therapy, Hangamdan S, Soramdan S, Spiam HC, Hyperthermia, Thymosin-α1
Donghyun Lee,
Sung Su Kim,
Shin Seong,
Wonjun Cho,
Hyejin Yu
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