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Loco-regional electro-hyperthermia device

EHY-2000+ is widely accepted system for locoregional deep Hyperthermia applications. This model has been used for treatment worldwide for more than 20 years. Popular, versatile device, applicable for a range of solid tumors and improved over the years through feedback from our doctors and experts, and the requirements of patients and the people treating them. The EHY-2000+ is an easy to use and highly reliable. The device is only for clinical use.

Demo video

Therapeutic effects

Thermal damage of tumor cells
Acidic poisoning of the malignant tissue
Inhibition of repair mechanism
Potentiation of chemo- and radiotherapy
Stimulation of the immune system


Non-invasive treatment
Focuses automatically on tumor tissue
Suitable for in- and outpatient treatment
Painless and free of side effects
Significant gain of life-quality


Metallic implants
Reduction of heat sensitivity
Communication disability

Technical specifications

Line voltage:
AC 230V/50Hz
Power input:
1600 VA
Output useful power:
max. 150 W
Nominal load:
50 Ohm
Output carrier frequency:
13.56 MHz
Output modulating frequency:
Fractal noise
about 175 kg (tower) and 150 kg (waterbed) without water
Size (height,deep,wide):
172*60*61 cm (tower) and 170*210*83 cm (Waterbed)
+10°C - +30°C
Relative humidity:
20% - 60% (non condensing)
Air pressure:
700 hPa - 1060 hPa

Device accessories

Normal electrode (Ø20 cm diameter)
Large electrode (Ø30 cm diameter)
Small electrode (Ø10 cm diameter)
Special waterbed mattress for treatment
Artificial patient set
Field checker (fluorescent)
Field tester
Paper holder