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EHY-3010 ML

EHY-3010 ML


Simultaneous multi-local electro-hyperthermia device

EHY-3010 is designed for the simultaneous multi-local treatment of advanced, metastatically disseminated, malignant solid tumors. Within the range of Oncothermia systems, it is the pioneering breakthrough in the field of multi-local tumor therapy. Instead of a bolus electrode, this system uses textile electrodes, which are even more flexible to better adjust to the treatment area. The device is only for clinical use.

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Therapeutic effects

Thermal damage of tumor cells
Acidic poisoning of the malignant tissue
Inhibition of repair mechanism
Potentiation of chemo- and radiotherapy
Stimulation of the immune system


Non-invasive treatment
Focuses automatically on tumor tissue
Suitable for in- and outpatient treatment
Painless and free of side effects
Significant gain of life-quality


Gynaecological malignancies (e.g. breast, ovary, cervix etc.)
Malignant tumors in organs
Deep seated cancer lesions (e.g. brain, liver, lung, kidney, pancreas, etc.)
Lymph node metastases
Gastrointestinal tumors (e. g. esophagus, colon etc.)
Sarcomas, melanomas, basaliomas, etc.


Metallic implants
Reduction of heat sensitivity
Communication disability
EHY-3010 ML
EHY-3010 ML

Technical specifications

Line voltage:
AC 230V/50Hz
Power input:
1600 VA
Output useful power:
max. 600 W
Nominal load:
50 Ohm
Output carrier frequency:
13.56 MHz
Output modulating frequency:
Fractal noise
250 kg
Size (height,depth,width):
127,1*250*130 cm
+10°C - +30°C
Relative humidity:
20% - 60% (non condensing)
Air pressure:
700 hPa - 1060 hPa

Device accessories

20*30 cm electrode
30*40 cm electrode
Special size and form electrodes
Field checker (flourescent)
Electrosmog checker