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07/06/2017 - 06:27 | Clinical Internal News

Prof. A. Szasz visited the Cellumed Clinic in Spain, Marbella

Cellumed Clinic
Cellumed Clinic

Prof. András Szász visited one of the very active oncothermia clinics in Spain, Marbella. By answering their questions, he explained details of the actual developments and protocols to the doctors and nurses responsible for the treatment. The video shows explanation of oncothermia and its methodology. The reason of its casting was to keep training that values for the actual and potential users in the Spanish-speaking territories of the Globe. Professor Szász provided and especially extended a valuable discussion with Professor Dr. José Luis García Puche and they agreed on a possible common research with the Radiotherapy Department of Granada about oncothermia developments. The video summarizes some of the general points of the discussions, too.

Enjoy the video and use it for actual reference in some challenging cases and training of oncothermia.

Please click here for the part 1 of the video.

Please click here for the part 2 of the video.