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Dr. Olivér Szász

Dr. Olivér Szász

CEO-Oncotherm GmbH, Oncotherm Kft., Oncotherm Ltd.
  • Division: Management
  • Email:
    szaszoliver [kukac] oncotherm [pont] org
Dr. Olivér Szász

Dr. Olivér Szász is at St. Istvan University and the CEO of Oncotherm Kft. in Hungary, of Oncotherm GmbH in Germany and Oncotherm Ltd. LLC in the USA. He holds a doctoral degree in electrical engineering and grew up with the method and the devices of Oncotherm. He follows the example of his father and represents Oncothermia at international events and congresses. Dr. Olivér Szász has close contact to experts worldwide and to the Oncothermia users. He commutes between Hungary and Germany. His work is both a job and a hobby for him. He is responsible for the two Oncotherm companies and he does not avoid assisting everywhere in the companies where help is needed.

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