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Indikation: Pancreas
Nachweise: Clinical study
Dani A Varkonyi A Magyar T Szasz A
Anzahl der Patienten: 99
Therapie: CT+RT+mEHT
Jahr: 2008


Pancreas cancer (PCA) is an aggressive, common malignant tumor. We present two retrospective clinical studies of PCA done in two medical centers (HTT-MED Day-clinic and Peterfy Hospital). Both of the centers made the treatments by oncothermia in combination with the conventional tumor-therapies. We present the data from both centers and make a metaanalysis of the data as well. Results show a remarkable survival benefit for the patients compared to the historical data. The comparison of the studies shows a good correspondence in the data, which strengthens the reliability of the studies, and points out the feasibility of the oncothermia application on PCA.

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