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Indikation: Non-oncology
Mate A Molnar I Szoke H Hegyi G.
Anzahl der Patienten: 231
Therapie: mEHT
Jahr: 2017


Oncothermia (OTM) is based on electromagnetic interactions with the living matter. Its nano-targeting approach establishes a new paradigm. OTM could be applied not only to treat malignancies but it is feasible to apply for other diseases too. OTH is well proven method from the laboratory level to the clinical applications, promoting the natural processes, re-establishing of the synchronization between the cells. This approach allows therapy of some non-malignant diseases too. Our objective is to use OTM for the irregularities of tissue-growth and for pain syndromes as well. OTM uses precisely tuned radiofrequency (RF) current flowing through the treated part of the body. We made extensive study, proving in details the applicability of the OTM for Dupuytren’s contracture and chronic low back pain, in conjunction with permanent acupuncture method, a modified process of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The synergy of the ancient and the state-of-art medical knowledges is the basic method of the present research. Our results with application of OTM for chronic low back pain and Dupuytren’s contracture shows definite improvements of the patients involved in the study. We measured the success with the Visual Analog Scale (VAS), with anecdotic quality of life (QoL), and the shortening of the of-work period due to the disease. We measured that VAS decreased significantly, the hand contracture became less rigid and less contracted. The QoL of patients improved and their complaints which blocked their regular activity has significantly reduced. OTM method was safe & no adverse effects were observed. Recognition of the distortions in the healthy tissue have some common principles and possibilities in TCM and OTM: both the methods recognize the loss of complexity of the living organization. Data of our recent study verified the relevant end-points of our present study: the safety, the quality of life (QoL), the prolonged painless status of the patient.

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