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Indikation: Gliomas (advanced)
Solodkiy VA. Panshin GA. Izmailov TR. Shevchenko TA.
Anzahl der Patienten: 20
Therapie: RT+mEHT
Jahr: 2021


High-grade brain gliomas are characterized by a rapid clinical course and a 2-year survival rate of 8-12%. Despite the improvement of methods of surgery, radiotherapy (RT), and systemic drug therapy, it is still not possible to significantly increase the overall and relapse-free survival in patients withth is neuro-oncological pathology, and the combination of RT and CT with hyperthermic electrotherapy (oncothermy) (OT) looks like a promising method that helps to increase the effectiveness of special treatment. At the same time, oncothermia does not cause brain edema and does not worsen the quality of life of neuro-oncological patients. At the same time, a possible alternative to further progress in improving the results of treatment of primary brain gliomas (WHO Grade III-IV) is not only to optimize the radiotherapy program, but also to combine standard methods of radical treatment with hyperthermic electrotherapy. This article presents preliminary immediate results of treatment of 20 patients who received special treatment in the RSCRR with an assessment of the toxicity and safety of its implementation and with an assessment of the likely resumption of continued tumor growth 1.5 and 3 months after the end of treatment. In General, the data obtained indicate the safety of the developed method of special treatment of this category of neuro-oncological patients, which confirms the results obtained in 28.09.2019 patent for an invention. However, for final conclusions, further clinical studies are required on a larger group of patients with longer follow-up periods, followed by a thorough analysis of the results.

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