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ICHS konferencia – Immunonkológia, az új fegyver!

2017 szeptember 20.

ICHS hivatalos oldala

Óriási érdeklődés mellett került megrendezésre a 35.alkalommal megrendezett Nemzetközi Klinikai Hipertermia Társaság (ICHS) konferenciája, amelynek Kína első számú klinikája, a Clifford Hospital szolgált helyszínéül.


  1. Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Treatment – the Health Preservation, Treating, and Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients- Clifford L. K. Pang
  2. The application of gene-radiotherapy in combination with hyperthermia in the treatment of advanced malignancies- Xiao Shaowen
  3. Local oncothermia treatment fights against the systemic malignancy- Andras Szasz
  4. Lower and less toxic doses of chemotherapy by combining it with hyperthermia and complementary treatments- Alexander Herzog
  5. Hyperthermia: why it is still not recognized, what is the problem and where is the solution- Sergey Roussakow
  6. Oncothermia in brain tumors- Giammaria Fiorentini
  7. A report of the retrospective analysis of chemo radiation with hyperthermia in locally advanced head and neck cancer- Nagraj G. Huilgol
  8. Combined Oncothermia and Immune- Checkpoint inhibitors- Kwa-Hwa Chi
  9. High dose IVAA synergy with mEHT in patients with stage III-IV NSCLC- Ou Junwen
  10. Oncothermia Development in Hungary- Oliver Szasz
  11. Modulated Electro-Hyperhtermia: Role in Developing Countries?- Carrie Minnaar
  12. Effects of moderate whole-body hyperthermia and complementary medicine in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis: a preliminary study- Preeti Agrawal
  13. Oncothermia Therapy for Progressive Recurrent Breast Cancer Cases- Tsueno Morita
  14. A Mobile and Mild Hyperthermia – i-Booster by Oncotherm Techonology- Toshihiko Sakai
  • Díjátadó ceremónia

  • Prof. Szász András