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Indikáció: Lung
Bizonyítás: Case report
Doo Yun Lee Joon Seok Park Hae Chul Jung Eun Seol Byun Seok Jin Haam Sung Soo Lee
Páciensek száma: 4
Terápia: CT+mEHT
Év: 2015


Lung cancer is one of the most aggressive and lethal form of cancers. Patients with far advanced lung cancer are treated by chemotherapy with or without radiotherapy. However, median survival of these patients is less than 6 months. To increase survival and quality of life for these patients, various forms of complementary treatments have been tried in clinical practices, and oncothermia is supposed to be one of the promising candidates. From May 2008 to November 2013, 4 patients with far advanced lung adenocarcinoma (stages IIIB and IV) were treated with oncothermia in addition to conventional chemotherapy at Gangnam Severance Hospital and Bundang CHA Hospital. All these patients have survived for more than 2 years.