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Indikáció: Gynecology
Bizonyítás: Retrospective study
Lajos Pesti Zsófia Dankovics Péter Lorencz András Csejtei
Páciensek száma: 72
Terápia: CT+mEHT
Év: 2013


This single arm, retrospective, single institution study investigated intention to treat patients (n=72) with advanced cancer of cervix of uterus. The study was performed in 2001–2010, providing 331 sessions. All patients had radiotherapies as fractional radiotherapy and intracavital brachytherapy. Some patients (n=34) received chemotherapy (Cisplatin 40 mg/m2/week; concomitantly with tele-radiotherapy) as well. Complementary to the teleradiotherapy, oncothermia was used two times a week, targeting the pelvis. Applied energy dose was 45 W, 60 min. Oncothermia was applied immediately after the infusion, when chemotherapy was also administered. Complete and partial remission were achieved in trimodal therapies for 73.5% of the patients, while we could stabilize the disease for 14.7% of the patients.