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MAOT Konferencia

2020 november 6.

MAOT Konferencia hivatalos oldala

Prof. Szász András részt vett az online megrendezett 36. MAOT és 11. Sino – Hungarian Medical Fórumon és a következő témában adott elő: “Oncothermia as part of integrative medicine”.

“Hyperthermia in oncology has long-standing history, having roots in ancient medicine. Both the Eastern and Western medicine had used it in holistic (whole-body fever with herbal administration) and reductionist (local heating with radiation of red-hot iron) was popular in the old medical approaches, mainly for the pain-syndromes, the joint diseases and also very early in oncology. The breaking possibility was when the bioelectromagnetic interactions were discovered and the energy delivery into the body became relatively easy (diathermia). The diathermia application in oncology had many challenges, mainly that the heat makes vasodilatation and higher blood-flow, which delivers nutrients to supply the tumor, and well as helps the dangerous dissemination of the cancer-cells, making the growing risk of lethal metastases. Due to this reason had been developed the applications for malignant diseases (oncological hyperthermia). There are numerous books published about oncological hyperthermia and it is introduced into the University education too. uses hyperthermia together with the leading Western, and Eastern (Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM) and the integration of these approaches for oncology treatments. Oncothermia designates the way to complexity and the change of the medical paradigm, shows the direction of the future developments to win the war against cancer.”

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