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Oncothermia Journal 28

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„The recent volume of the Oncothermia Journal is the 28th now. We had started this open-access publication in 2011 intending to provide information for Oncothermia users and interested specialists about the current professional news and results on clinical and experimental topics. I am pleased to recognize the wide interest in the publications and seeing how the Oncothermia Journal started being a reference source for many experts. The present volume covers many new clinical results. One of the articles presents important data of the abscopal effect of Oncothermia, as well as the low toxicity, which were both proven in a human phase III clinical trial for advanced cervical cancer of HIV positive and HIV negative patients. Important case reports for other cancer types also support the abscopal effect, which is a new stage of oncothermia excellence in advanced, metastatic cases. General research also shows the abscopal effect (this article is in German as it was originally published). The metabolic modifications with ketogenic diet combined with oncothermia had also shown great benefits. Furthermore, a long time awaited clinical study on high dosed vitamin C shows advantages of oncothermia in non-small-cell lung cancer patients as a phase II clinical trial proved, together with the significant improvement of the quality of life of the patients. A review of the clinical pieces of evidence of oncothermia summarizes the important practical results, presenting the clinical successes of the method, following various clinical trials and case reports and achievements of survival time and quality of life of patients. The control of the treatment process during the therapy could be followed by tumor markers, which are also presented in this volume (in German). Important articles deal with the theoretical background of oncothermia. The hypothesis of the effect of modulation, as well as the entropy development of the biological objects, are based on the governing of minimal entropy-production and strengthen the fundaments of the oncothermia method. I hope this new volume gives you more facilities for your important medical activity and helps your suffering patients.
I am thankful for your attention.”