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Oncothermia Journal Special Edition

Oncothermia Journal Special Edition

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Professzor Szász András szavai e kötethez:

„Dear Readers, Dear Fellow Researchers, Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

the recent volume of the Oncothermia Journal is special and exclusive. We collected two articles for the practicing medical staff (physicians and trained operators of our devices), with the intention of helping their everyday work and the suffering patients. Both publications are based on the experiences of Oncothermia users, most of them have not been included in clinical trials or official research. The first article deals with temperature measurements from the phantoms to the patients, including many preclinical measurements as well. This is an essential work that clarifies the temperature rise from the effects of mEHT showing a wide range of materials and the results of various laboratories. The other, long-time awaited comprehensive summary includes protocols and their explanations I would like to emphasize again that the published article is based on long-time experience with the EHY-2000 and EHY-2000Plus devices, as well as threeyears of experience with the EHY-2030. Most of the data are published entirely or partially, but due to their case-based level they are not included in the certification of the method. Consequently, both articles mirror the opinion of the scientists and physicians who study and use Oncothermia, but due to the lack of certification, it is not an official statement of the Oncotherm Company. The protocol[1][2][3] and guideline[4] of the Oncothermia treatment were formulated on the same basis earlier as well. I hope this new volume gives you more benefits for your essential medical activity and helps your suffering patients.

I am thankful for your attention.

Dr. Andras Szasz Professor,
Chair, Biotechnics Department of St. Istvan University”