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Prof. Szász András legújabb publikációja

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A Clinical Oncology and Research Journal publikálta Professzor Szász András legújabb cikkjét, mely a modulált elektro-hipertermiáról szól.

Towards the Immunogenic Hyperthermic Action: Modulated ElectroHyperthermia

Hyperthermia treatment for solid tumors is a long-used, but poorly accepted method in clinical use. Modulated electro-hyperthermia (mEHT, trade name: oncothermia®) changes the paradigm, introduces a novel, cellularly selective and immunogenic cell-ruination. The mEHT method produces tumor-vaccination, presenting the unharmed genetic information of cancer cells to immune cells [1]. The mEHT method is approved in more than 30 countries. Its phase II/III clinical applications indicate a broad perspective.