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33. ICHS Conference 2015 / 3rd International Oncothermia Symposium

ICHS Conference 2015

The conference will offer the chance that experts of all fields of hyperthermia meet each other and present their experiences and studies. This will be an excellent platform for researchers and medical practitioners to explore the option of hyperthermia treatment in cancer but also in other diseases.

The conference will be covering the technical background of hyperthermia treatment and the Pros and Cons for different technologies.

A very important part of the conference will be the presentation of treatment results and studies. Here we hope for interesting questions and fruitful discussions.

Another topic will be the presentation of case reports showing extraordinary treatment results which would not have been likely without hyperthermia.

We also wish to hear data about application of hyperthermia in non cancer diseases (e.g. moderate whole body hyperthermia in chronic lung and joint diseases or extreme whole body hyperthermia in chronic infections like Lyme disease).

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