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Meet Oncothermia

Oncothermia, i. e. modulated-electro-hyperthermia for oncological use, is a fast developing supportive, complementary treatment method. The principles are based on the classical method of Hyperthermia, but in contrast to the homogeneous heating of classical hyperthermia, oncothermia (modulated electro-hyperthermia (mEHT®)) heats the malignant cells selectively, concentrating the energy in the tumor where it is used to induce the self-destruction of the malignant cells.

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Clinical knowledge

Clinical publications

Browse our publications by specific author, indication, number of patients participating in the study and applied therapy.


In our experimental oncothermia publication collection, we present our current results with our publications, from laboratory to clinical applications.

Oncothermia Journal

In our publication, published three times a year, you can read about the research results and practical experiences of doctors and researchers in the field of Oncothermia.

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