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Oncotherm Team

Oncotherm is proud of its team of highly trained and dedicated professionals who provide the highest level of collaboration and service to both patients and physicians. Relying on the latest knowledge allows us to provide a wide spectrum of personalized therapeutic solutions. We believe that continuous development and expansion of our knowledge is the key to achieving better health and recovery for patients.


Mr Balázs Ács


Oncotherm Kft, Oncotherm GmbH and SCA Medical Trading Kft.

Dr. Olivér Szász

Co-owner, Advisor

Oncotherm Kft.

Prof. Dr. András Szász

Founder of the Company, Advisor

Oncotherm Kft.


Mr János Szücs

Head of Engineering

Oncotherm Kft.

Mr József Szarvas

Head of Production

Oncotherm Kft.

Ms Anikó Bertók

Head of Quality Management

Oncotherm Kft.


Dr. Carrie Minnaar

Oncologic Hyperthermia Specialist

Dr. Marcell Szász

Medical director

Join us and be a part of our Oncotherm Team!

Timeline of Oncotherm


Development of the oncothermia method

The company was founded by Dr. András Szász, physicist professor and was one of the first registered limited-liability private companies in Hungary. The inventions and work of Prof. Dr. Szász were linked to the results of surface physics, at first away from medical applications. However, his mother was diagnosed with cancer, so as a result of her early loss, his scientific interests changed drastically and he turned to cancer research.
He developed the patented method of Oncothermia, i.e. modulated electro-hyperthermia (mEHT®), a non-toxic, non-invasive procedure based on the principle of classical hyperthermia. Ten years after the founding of the company, another family member was diagnosed with cancer, and with the help of the developed oncothermia therapy, she is now in excellent health, and since then there is no trace of her illness.


The fist device

As a result, the first device utilizing electric field for the destruction of tumorous tissues and suitable to human treatment was made under the product name of CTT. The device was applied at patients with no other treatment alternative, as in these cases every well-known and applicable procedure had been earlier exhausted. The success was better than expected, since in spite of the advanced state of illness of patients significant tumour regression had been achieved in most cases. The private hospital of Dr. Douwes in Bad Aibling, Germany (he hired 17 beds in a hotel, and was the first one who applied the development results) developed quickly and achieved a good international reputation.


The EHY device family

The non-invasive equipment family named EHY was making intensive progress from 1990, gained GS certification in 1995 and received CE approval in 1998. The EHY-2000 was the product sold most at that time at the company. This device was later upgraded to the EHY-2000plus, then in 2008 a new device was released: The EHY-3010ML. This device included the technical modules in the treatment bed, so that the separate tower is no longer needed. In the following years, Oncotherm sold a significant amount of devices in Germany, thanks to the fact that it increased its sales network with successful distributor partnerships.


Oncothermia Journal and Oncothermia books

In this year the first issue of the Oncothermia Journal (ISSN 2191-6438) was published. From this on Oncotherm has published three issues of this magazine every year. Together with his children Dr. Nora Iluri and Dr. Olivér Szász Prof. Dr. András Szász published the book "Oncothermia: Principles and Practices" in the famous Springer publishing house.


Conference: International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS)

Prof. Dr. András Szász was elected as president of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS) and hosted the important annual conference that in 2012 took place in Budapest, Hungary.
The purpose of the ICHS is to provide a forum for members to discuss their ideas regarding the use of hyperthermia and present their clinical experience at meetings. The professional lectures given at the conference series on the latest results of hyperthermia are published in the Oncothermia Journal.


Significant international successes

With more than 400 Oncothermia devices sold worldwide and more than 200,000 Oncothermia device treatments per year, the Oncotherm group has become the leading hyperthermia device developer and manufacturer. South Korea's Hospicare Co., LTD., an Oncotherm distributor, sold the 100th Oncotherm device in its region this year.


The EHY-2030 launched

The latest tumor treatment device launched under the name EHY-2030 at the event of the 31st annual meeting of the European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology (ESHO 2017) in Athen. EHY-2030 is our latest loco-regional tumor therapy device, which is developed with a new Smart Electrode System and a user-friendly touch-screen control system.



Oncothermia has now become one of the leading Hyperthermia treatments, available in 30+ countries, with more than 550 devices that help patients recover with more than 400,000 Oncothermia treatments annually. Managing director Eng. Balázs ÁCS became the majority owner of the company.





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