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34. ICHS Conference / 4th International Oncothermia Symposium

ICHS Conference 2016

The 34th Conference will take place in the most beautiful Country of Europe: Italy, in Pesaro, the capital city of Music, Rossini’s home,and you can go for spectacular bicycle tours. Pesaro is easily to be reached from Bologna international airport, and Rimini, as well as Ancona airports.

I am glad to invite you to attend the 34th Annual Conference of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS) and the 4th International Oncotherm Conference.

The conference will offer the chance to meet experts of all fields of hyperthermia and learn their experiences and studies in order to explore hyperthermia treatment application in cancer and other diseases.

An important part of the conference will be dedicated to the presentation of treatment results and studies of HIPEC (hyperthermia intraperitoneal chemotherapy) in the cancer of ovary, colon-rectum, mesothelioma and pseudomixomaperitoneii.

Other topics will be the presentation of results showing the efficacy of capacitive hyperthermia alone or in combination with chemo-, radiotherapy.

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