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Award winning specialist in the field of hyperthermia – ESTRO 2021

ESTRO is the most important congress in Europe to the community of radiation oncology. The annual conference was held in Madrid between 27-31 of August. There is a great exhibition at the conference as well and our company participated just like in the previous years. The interested parties could visit our impressive booth 680, have a look to the device, and learn more about the method.

In addition to the lectures and the exhibition, prizes are awarded each year among the specialists as a sign of professional recognition. It is a great honor that Dr. Carrie Minnaar and Dr. Elisabeth Arrojo – who are both hyperthermia specialists – were nominated to the Poster Award in this year.

Oncotherm Kft. would like to congratulate to Dr. Carrie Minnaar who had won the award with her poster (Modulated electro-hyperthermia improves three year survival in cervical cancer patients). It is a great success for the hyperthermia method as well.

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