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Cancer therapy lexicon


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Whole-body hyperthermia can be accomplished by using hot water blankets, specialized ovenlike devices of other methods. This is a safe procedure, sing temperature up to about 42°C. Whole-body or regional hyperthermia can also be combined with localized hyperthermia to improve results.

World Health Organization (WHO)
Developed guidelines for cancer pain management. 90-95% of all cancer pain can be well controlled using guidelines called the pain Control Ladder. These guidelines separate pain into levels of intesity and suggest tailoring the strength and potency of precribed pain-relieving medications to the intensity. After WHO guidelines doctors try a given drug. The dosage in increased until the patient gets either pain relief or intolerable side effects. In case of too many side effects another drug is tried. Th eguidelines also suggest to manage side-effects treatent too.