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Indication: Gynecology
Evidence: Phase III
Carrie Strauss Jeffrey Kotzen Ans Baeyens Irma Maré
No. of patients: 236
Therapy: CT+RT+mEHT
Year: 2013


Aim. Investigate the clinical, economic, and cellular effects of the addition of oncothermia to standard treatment for HIV-positive and -negative locally advanced cervical cancer patients in public healthcare in South Africa. Objectives. Evaluate the effect that the addition of oncothermia has on local disease control, progression-free survival, overall survival at 2 years, treatment toxicity, quality of life, economic impact, and HIV status of participants. Radiobiology investigations will evaluate thermoradiosensitivity and the molecular markers for thermoradiosensitivity. Methodology. Phase III randomised clinical trial involving 236 HIV-negative and -positive stage IIb-III locally advanced cervical cancer patients. Treatment includes cisplatin, external beam radiation, and brachytherapy. The study group will receive oncothermia treatments. Participants will be monitored for two years after completion of treatment. Hypothesis. The addition of oncothermia to standard treatment protocols will result in improved clinical response without increasing treatment toxicity in HIV-positive patients or raising healthcare costs.

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