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Indication: Bone
Evidence: Case report
Gábor Rubovszky Tünde Nagy Mária Gődény András Szász István Láng
No. of patients: 1
Therapy: CT+mEHT
Year: 2011


Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) represents 85 % of all malignant lung cancers. In metastatic disease the principle goal of palliative therapy is to prolong survival with least toxicity and best patients’ quality of life. Bevacizumab (BEV) has been approved as first line treatment in combination with platinum based chemotherapy and maintenance therapy in NSCLC. BEV can be added safely to several chemotherapeutic agents, however there is no data on coadministration with thermotherapy. Even in localized disease no robust evidence exists about the beneficial effect of loco-regional thermotherapy on overall survival, but it might be used successfully in symptom palliation. In this article a successful co-administration of BEV and hyperthermia is reported in a patient with monolocalized bone metastasis from previously operated NSCLC. This case suggests that electrohyperthermia can probably be incorporated in palliative therapy added not only to radiotherapy or chemotherapy but also to anti-angiogenic BEV treatment.

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