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Indication: Sarcoma
Volovat C Volovat SR Scripcaru V Miron L Lupascu C
No. of patients: 24
Therapy: CT+mEHT
Year: 2014


From 2003 to 2011, 24 patients with advanced soft-tissue sarcoma with high-risk pretreated using first line chemotherapy with doxorubicin and recurrence disease were treated with chemotherapy (ifosfamide 3000mg/sqm, day 1–3) and locoregional hyperthermia (1 hour application with temperature between 41.5°C and 42°C, 3 days/week). The purpose was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of chemotherapy combined with locoregional non-invasive hyperthermia for local tumor control in patients with retroperitoneal or visceral advanced soft tissue sarcomas. From 24 patients, 18 patients have had an evaluable response on CT scan using RECIST 1.0 (stable disease 8 patients for 4 months and 1 patients for 1 month, partial response 8 patients for 4 months, progression disease for 1 patient). The response was mainly on local tumor site. The side effects were correlated only with chemotherapy (neutropenia grade III 40%, grade 4 20%, trombocytopenia 2%, anemia grade III 10%, neurologic toxicity 9%). No toxicity was correlated with hyperthermia treatment.