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ESHO 2017

21 June 2017

ONCOTHERM was PLATINUM SPONSOR of the ESHO 2017- Hellenic Society for Oncologic Hyperthermia

We proudly inform you that Oncotherm attended the ESHO conference in Athens between 21 June and 23 June. We are honored to be platinum sponsor of such a successful event.

The new device, EHY-2030 was presented during the conference and debut film was screened several times to the audience’s great pleasure. Many people visited the booth and had a tremendous interest in the new product.
The participants were interested in watching the experiment which showed that Oncotherm is capable of focusing the energy to the given target without heating up the surrounding. We invited the participants to a small game and those who successfully completed the quick quiz were rewarded with a gift pack.

The audience welcomed our presentations with great interest. There were 15 oral presentations and 7 posters connected to oncothermia. The lecturers were from several countries, for example: Hungary, Russia, South-Africa, Greece, Taiwan, America. This shows the popularity of oncothermia as well.

Hopefully we will see you shortly at such successful conferences as this one.

Oncothermia related content of the conference:


  • An in-vitro study of the effect of gold nanoparticle in cancer cells treatment with modulated electrohyperthermia Chen C., Wang Y., Chen Y., Huang C., Hsia C., Chen C., Chi K., Wang H.
  • Modulated Electro-Hyperthermia in Oligometastatic Cancer Patients: initial experience and clinicopathologic evaluation Borbenyi E. Szasz A. Muhl D. Kiss E. Kvasnika M. Toth A. Torgyik L. Dank M.
  • The thermo-enhanced effect of Iron dextran as thermosensitizer for maximizing cancer treatment efficacy with the radiofrequency-induced hyperthermia Chung H., Lee H.
  • Inoperable multifocal intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma treated with modulated Electrohyperthermia (mEHT), IV Vitamin C and ozonated blood autotransfusion Marangos M., Danilidis L., Vakalis I., Kourdakis P., Papastavrou A., Barich A.
  • Complete and durable remission in a stage IV prostate cancer patient with multiple lung metastases (without bone involvement) treated solely with androgen deprivation and modulated Electrohyperthermia Marangos M., Danilidis L., Vakalis I., Kourdakis P., Papastavrou A., Barich A.
  • Full eradication of metastatic site in cerebellum in 28year old patient with triple negative breast cancer by radiation & hyperthermia and partial remission in liver and pulmonary mets and stability in bone mets using integrative therapeutic strategy Marangos M., Danilidis L., Vakalis I., Kourdakis P., Papastavrou A., Barich A.
  • Combining different local-regional deep hyperthermia devices for the optimum results of treatments. Brenner J.

Oral presentations:

  • Systematic review of brain glioma and lung cancer trials with modulated electro-hyperthermia with meta-analysis and economic evaluation (Level IIA Evidence) Roussakow S.
  • Low-dose checkpoint inhibitor therapy with interleukin-2 (IL-2) and fever range hyperthermia in stage IV cancer: a retrospective analysis with single case presentations Kleef R.
  • Modulated-Electro-Hyperthermia Enhanced Liposomal Drug Uptake by Cancer Cells Huang C., Wang Y., Chi M., Yang K., Chi K.
  • Testing modulated electro-hyperthermia using C26 colorectal carcinoma cell line in vitro) Kiss E. Vancsik T. Fortika G. Hamar P. Krenacs T.
  • Inhibition of proliferation, induction of apoptotic cell death and immune response by modulated electro-hyperthermia in C26 colorectal cancer allografts Vancsik T. Kovago C. Kiss E. Forika G. Meggyeshazi N. Krenacs T.
  • The efficiency of modulated electro-hyperthermia may correlate with the tumor metabolic profiles Forika G. Vancsik T. Kiss E. Hujber Z. Sebestyen A. Krencz I. Benyo Z. Hamar P. Krenacs T.
  • Potentiation of chemotherapy by local and WBH from a clinical perspective, A. Herzog
  • Debate: Hyperthermia with or without treatment planning and thermometry? Speakers: G. van Rhoon VS A. Szasz
  • Cervical cancer: What we have learned from clinical trials (Phase III study)? C. Minnaar
  • Phase II Study: Hyperthermia as a useful tool for bowel protection in radiation therapy, S. H. You
  • Q&A Participants: G. van Rhoon (technology), S. Bodis (radio-hyperthermia), L. Lindner (chemo-hyperthermia), T. ten Haagen (nanoParticles), H. Gruell (HIFU), A. Szasz (immunomodulation), A. Herzog (WBH)
  • Hyperthermia on regulation of cancer cell metabolism, S. Yu-Shan Wang
  • Combined Oncothermia and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy – from Bench to Bedside, K.-H. Chi
  • Tumor specific stress and immune response induced by modulated electrohyperthermia in relation to tumor metabolic profiles, T. Krenacs
  • Hyperthermia enhances the efficacy of stereotactic body radiation therapy, C. Song
  • Industry sponsored symposium
  • Oncotherm – a company devoted for innovation in oncological hyperthermia from 1988 O. Szasz
  • Oncothermia hot topics: temperature, dose, selectivity A. Szasz
  • Oncothermia in clinical practice C. Minnaar

The event was financed from the NRDI Fund.

  • Greek TV riport

  • Oncotherm team

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