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First International Oncothermia Symposium

Visit the Oncothermia Symposium 2013 website

The First International Oncothermia-Symposium was a great success. About 120 participants from 21 countries came together for two days to share practical experiences and scientific results. 23 talks of experts from all over the world and 32 posters showed the effects and success of the Oncothermia treatment. The talks and posters of the Symposium covered a wide range of topics related to Hyperthermia and Oncothermia. Information were presented on the history of Oncothermia, the treatment methods of different tumors, the combination of Oncothermia with other therapies, data-records, case studies, results and practical experiences. Dr. Breitkreutz, a successful lawyer from Berlin, gave a talk on “Hyperthermia – What insurance companies and the government aid have to pay”. He is willing to help everyone who has problems with the reimbursement of the method by the health insurances. If you need more information on this topic, please contact our office.

We all got to know more aspects and new views on the method. Also we collected new input and suggestions how to arrange the future and how to serve better the members of the “oncothermia community”.

We are very satisfied that our international guests felt comfortable in Cologne and enjoyed the event. All the presentations were filmed, so if you could not be there, you have the possibility to see the talks on video. You can have a look on the photos taken at the event and on the posters and talks on the Symposium’s website

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