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Latest publications from 2024

As cancer treatment is always advancing, we believe that the approach of Oncothermia, mEHT could be a potential to change the aspects of how we treat cancer.

With these recently published outstanding research and presentations, we aim to provide our readers with an understanding of Oncothermia’s role in modern oncology, shedding light on its transformative impact on cancer treatment paradigms.


Find the latest publications of Oncothermia, mEHT here:

Kim J-H, Shin J-Y, Lee S-Y. (2024)
Treatment of pelvic and spinal bone metastases: Radiotherapy and hyperthermia alone vs. in combination
Cancers, 16, 1604

Viana PHL, Schvarcz CA, Danics LO, Besztercei B, Aloss K, Bokhari SMZ, Giunashvili N, Bócsi D, Koós Z, Benyó Z, Hamar P. (2024)
Heat shock factor 1 inhibition enhances the effects of modulated electro hyperthermia in a triple negative breast cancer mouse model
Sci Rep. 2024 Apr 8;14(1):8241.

Viana P, Hamar P. (2024)
Targeting the heat shock response induced by modulated electro-hyperthermia (mEHT) in cancer
BBA – Reviews on Cancer 1879, 189069

Szasz A, Szigeti GP. (2024)
Exploring biocomplexity in cancer: A comprehensive review
Open Journal of Biophysics, 14, 154-238

Szasz A. (2024)
On the thermal distribution in oncological hyperthermia treatments
Open Journal of Biophysics, 14, 239-263

Szasz A. (2024)
Peto’s“paradox” and six degrees of cancer prevalence
Cells 2024, 13(2), 197

Aloss K, Bokhari S.M.Z., Viana P.H.L., Giunashvili N., Schvarcz Cs., Benyo Z., Hamar P. (2024)
Modulated electro-hyperthermia accelerates tumor delivery and improves anticancer activity of Doxorubicin encapsulated in lyso-thermosensitive liposomes in 4T1-tumor-bearing mice
Int J Molecular Sciences, 25, 3101




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