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Mirakle Integrated Health Centre chooses Oncotherm

The Mirakle Integrated Health Centre celebrated the opening of its hyperthermia treatment center in Pollachi, India, located at Mahalingapuram Nachimuthu Polytechnic University Campus.

The facility is equipped with the latest Oncotherm device, the EHY-2030 to provide targeted and effective cancer treatment to their patients.

The opening celebration included a presentation ceremony and lectures on the benefits of hyperthermia in cancer therapy, and a guided tour of the facility. The event attracted a lot kind of interest. Not only medical practitioners and healthcare experts from the area but patients were drawn to the ceremony which received considerable media attention, television stations and several journalists were present. The General Manager of Oncotherm, Mr. Balázs Ács, and Medical Director Dr. Marcell Szász also took part and shared their insights and expertise on hyperthermia treatment at this specific event. This first hyperthermia treatment center in Pollachi is an important milestone for the market of Oncotherm devices. By expanding the market to India, the treatment options for cancer patients have increased and the hope for successful outcomes has grown.

The Bionext System Pte. Ltd. led by Dr. Domokos Máthé deserves special acknowledgment for their commitment and efforts in successfully implementing this system at the treatment center. With their expertise and experience in the healthcare industry in India, we believe that this partnership will lead to fruitful opportunities and create a strong foundation for growth in the region.

Watch the presentation ceremony here!

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