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New Insights into Physical Science Vol. 1 book release

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In the New Insights Into Physical Science book two articles were published, one is related to the topic of Oncothermia “Development in Oncological Hyperthermia” authored by Olivér Szász. Oncological hyperthermia suffers from multiple unsolved medical and technical problems. The solution lies in strict selection and adequate action in nanoscopic range, without exciting the robust transport-mechanisms to operate against the energy delivery to the tumor. The objective of the article is to present a complex technical solution to this complex problem. The other is “Thermodynamic Description of Living Homeostasis” authored by Gabriella Hegyi, Gyula Vincze and András Szász, who studied the homeostatic equilibrium of the healthy organism. They show that the entropy of every signal in this state is identical and constant: SE=1.8. The book is available on this website.

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