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New Oncothermia user clinic in North America

Port Moody Health is one of just a few cancer centers in North America to offer…

Port Moody Health is one of just a few cancer centers in North America to offer Hyperthermia (Modulated Electro-hyperthermia using the Oncotherm EHY-2000), an advanced technology from Germany and a major breakthrough in integrative cancer therapy. Now, Canadians no longer have to travel overseas to receive the most advanced, integrated and potentially life-saving cancer care.

Hyperthermia has proven its exceptional value in cancer treatment. In Germany, hyperthermia, (modulated Electro-hyperthermia using the Oncotherm-2000 Plus device)  has for many decades been part of the standard of care for cancer treatment, used concurrently with chemotherapy and radiation. At present, there are over 100,000 hyperthermia treatments (using the oncotherm-200 plus device) provided worldwide every year, to patients with a variety of different cancer types and stages of the disease.

Cancer care physician, Dr. Sharon Gurm BSc (Genetics), ND (Naturopathic Physician), FABNO (Board Certified in Naturopathic Oncology) uses hyperthermia in conjunction with other evidence-based therapies that, when strategically integrated, provide the best outcomes for our patients.

Dr. Sharon Gurm – Naturopathic Physician of Integrative Oncology and Founder and Medical Director of Port Moody Health Integrative Medicine and Cancer Care