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OncoRunners completed the UltraBalaton 2023!

Our incredible colleagues have just accomplished something extraordinary again!

Some of our colleagues have successfully completed the NN Ultrabalaton 2023, an almost 211 km kilometer long running race around lake Balaton on the first weekend of May!

This year was the 17th anniversary of the one-lap race around Lake Balaton, which is also the longest running race in Central Europe. Countless runners from all around Europe came along to run beside the freshwater lake in the middle of Hungary.

Oncotherm’s team of only 6 determined colleagues covered the entire distance in a relay race, meaning they each ran almost 35 km. They completed the whole lap in an outstanding time of only 21 hours and 28 minutes. Not only did the competition demand incredible physical endurance, but it also called for attentive logistical organization. The team members had to be transported to 31 different relay points with the help of only two driver support, ensuring they arrived on time. This was a true proof to the seamless coordination behind the scenes and we want to recognize and applaud them for their outstanding teamwork and collaboration. The coordination and support for one another truly exemplify the spirit of unity and despite the competition’s physically demanding nature, our colleagues approached it with unwavering enthusiasm and cheerfulness.

It’s always inspiring to see our colleagues push themselves to achieve their goals, and we are thrilled to support them in their athletic endeavors. We would like to congratulate to the runners for their remarkable achievement!

Keep up the great work, and we can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!

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