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Congratulate again to our runners. They completed the Crazy5K running competition in Dunakeszi on 02.06.2019.

CRAZY5K is a fun and challenging obstacle run, which gives you the chance to feel like a child once again. The 10 gigantic inflatable obstacles are placed along a 5 km long track.

The competition is organized in other countries and cities as well like Milan, Rome, Torino and several Hungarian cities (Pogány, Győr, Szeged).

The runners were:

  • Johanna Dovala
  • Anette Pap
  • Zsanett Török
  • Anikó Bertók
  • Zsófia Hahn
  • Gergely Orbán
  • Sándor Duzsárdi
  • Róbert Karai
  • Áron Koppa
  • Péter Ádori

For more information please visit the official website of the event:

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