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Oncotherm will be PLATINUM sponsor of the ESHO 2018

2018. május 16–19.

ESHO 2018

We invite our partners to meet ONCOTHERM and its experts at ESHO, which is a great scientific platform to learn the advancement of hyperthermia research and improved clinical treatment from the world’s leading hyperthermia experts.

Dr. Olivér Szász will hold a lecture on 18.05 at 13:45 under the titel:

Modulated electrohyperthermia from bench to clinic Dr. Olivér Szász (Budaörs/HU)

Oncothermia related ePosters will be also presented:

Modulated electro-hyperthermia in pancreatic cancer patients – initial experience and clinicopathologic evaluation

ID: P 25

A. Marcell Szasz (Budapest/HU)

AuthorsA. Marcell Szasz (Budapest/HU)Erika Borbenyi (Budapest/HU)Reka Mohacsi (Budapest/HU)Marianna Kvasnika (Budapest/HU)Tamas Garay (Budapest/HU)Laszlo Torgyik (Budapest/HU)Magdolna Dank (Budapest/HU)

Clinical studies of oncothermia

ID: P 26

Andras Szasz (Budaors/HU)

Authors: Andras Szasz (Budaors/HU)

Modulated electro-hyperthermia treatment of pancreas ductal adenocarcinoma in vitro

ID: P 27

Gertrud Forika (Budapest/HU)

Authors: Gertrud Forika (Budapest/HU)Tamas Vancsik (Budapest/HU)Zoltan Benyo (Budapest/HU)Tibor Krenacs (Budapest/HU)

Date: 16–19 May 2018

Place: Berlin-Germany

Make an appointment ( and take part in the oral presentations to learn more about the results of oncothermia.

Meet us at our booth Nr 10

Please find the event site here