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Oncothermia in the Philippines

1 June 2024
As a groundbreaking step in the fight against cancer, Life1 Corporation, leading distribution company in the Philippines, is preparing to host the launch event for Oncothermia on June 1, 2024 in the vibrant city of Makati, Philippines.

Organized in collaboration with Oncotherm, the event will include a lineup of scientific presentations by esteemed professionals who are at the forefront of Oncothermia research. Renowned experts including Prof. Dr. András Szász, Prof. Dr. Pirus Ghadjar, Dr. habil. A. Marcell Szász, Prof. Dr. Dank Magdolna, Dr. Paul Mulholland, Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Arrojo and Dr. Carrie A. Minnaar set to present their latest research in Oncothermia, sharing compelling insights into clinical results and presenting the application and impact of oncothermia on cancer treatment.

Join us on June 1st as we unveil the future of cancer treatment with Oncothermia in the Philippines.

Attendance is free, but registration is mandatory to secure a place at this transformative event.

Register here!

We look forward to meeting you there!

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