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Publications for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

As we enter the month of National Colorectal Cancer Awareness in March, we have collected some informative publications and studies on this topic for our Readers. This disease is a significant health concern worldwide and is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths.

Our goal is to make a positive impact in the fight against colorectal cancer as these studies have shown promising results related to the application of oncothermia as a treatment.

Kim S, Lee JH, Cha J, You SH. (2021)
Beneficial effects of modulated electro-hyperthermia during neoadjuvant treatment for locally advanced rectal cancer,

Int J Hyperthermia, 38:1, 144-151.

Ranieri G, Laface C, Laforgia M, (2020)
Bevacizumab plus FOLFOX-4 combined with deep electro-hyperthermia as first-line therapy in metastatic colon cancer: A pilot study,
Frontiers in Oncology, 10:590707,

Kuo I-M, Lee J-J, Wang Y-S, (2020)
Potential enhancement of host immunity and anti-tumor efficacy of nanoscale curcumin and resveratrol in colorectal cancers by modulated electro-hyperthermia,

BMC Cancer, 20:603

Vancsik T. (2020)
Mechanism of modulated electro-hyperthermia induced tumor destruction in C26 colorectal cancer models,

Semmelweis University, Doctoral School of Pathological Sciences, PhD thesis

Vancsik T, Forika G, Balogh A, (2019)
Modulated electro-hyperthermia induced p53 driven apoptosis and cell cycle arrest additively support doxorubicin chemotherapy of colorectal cancer in vitro,

Cancer Medicine, (9):4292-4303,

You SH, Kim S. (2019)
Feasibility of modulated electro-hyperthermia in preoperative treatment for locally-advanced rectal cancer: Early phase 2 clinical results,
Neoplasma, 67(3): 677-683,

Vancsik T, Kovago Cs, Kiss E, et al. (2018)
Modulated electro-hyperthermia induced loco-regional and systemic tumor destruction in colorectal cancer allografts,

J Cancer, 9(1): 41-53.

Vancsik T., Kiss E, Kovago Cs, Meggyeshazi N, Forika G, Krenacs T. (2017)
Inhibition of proliferation, induction of apoptotic cell death and immune response by modulated electro-hyperthermia in C26 colorectal cancer allografts, thermometry,

Oncothermia Journal Volume 20 : 277-292.

Iyikesici MS, Slocum A, Turkmen E, et al. (2016)
Complete response of locally advanced (stage III) rectal cancer to metabolically supported chemoradiotherapy with hyperthermia,

Int J Cancer Res Mech, 2(1).

Andocs G, Meggyeshazi N, Balogh L, et al. (2014)
Upregulation of heat shock proteins and the promotion of damage-associated molecular pattern signals in a colorectal cancer model by modulated electrohyperthermia.

Cell Stress and Chaperones 20(1):37-46.

Hager ED, Dziambor H, Höhmann D, et al. (1999)
Deep hyperthermia with radiofrequencies in patients with liver metastases from colorectal cancer.

Anticancer Res 19(4C):3403–3408.

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