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Mr Balázs Ács


Oncotherm Kft, Oncotherm GmbH and SCA Medical Trading Kft.

Mr Balázs Ács has several decades of experience in the field of medical technology developments. He is the CEO and owner of the German and Hungarian Oncotherm companies (Oncotherm Kft. and Oncotherm GmbH) and the businesses founded by Ács Medical Holding (SCA Holding Kft., SCA Medical Trading Kft. , SCA Pro Med Service Kft., SCA Oncology Kft., OncoPet Kft.). His forward-looking perspective molds the definition of a suitable, long-term strategy, consequently forming a favorable impact on the future and functioning of the corporate group. He is responsible for discovering new business areas and cooperation partners and for building relationships, and plays a key role in ongoing discussions with ministries and oncology institutes and with the department managers (R&D, QA, Production). He actively supports clinical trials and participates in the preparation of domestic and EU tenders.

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