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Dr. Carrie Minnaar

Oncologic Hyperthermia Specialist

Dr. Carrie Minnaar specialises in hyperthermic oncology since 2009 and is well-recognised for her ongoing clinical trials in this field. Dr Minnaar’s research is focused on improving outcomes in resource constrained settings in Africa. Her work includes a positive phase III trial using modulated electro hyperthermia (mEHT) combined with chemoradiotherapy, several published papers on the results and in related fields of hyperthermia, and she is a co-author of a book on hyperthermia. She has lectured and facilitated training on the technique in oncology facilities around the world. She holds a PhD in Radiation Sciences from Wits University. Apart from heading her own private hyperthermic practice at the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre, Oncology Department in South Africa, she is an honorary lecturer at the Department of Radiation Sciences at Wits University.

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