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Dr. Marcell Szász

Medical director

Dr. Marcell Szász graduated as a M.D. (2006) and earned his Ph.D. (2012) and habilitation (2020) degrees from Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary. He has been a visiting scholar at the medical faculties of Charles University in Prague (CZ), Charité University in Berlin (DE), The Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School and The University of Chicago in the USA. He is board certified in pathology (2014), a fellow in medical oncology, and his main focus of interest is translational research in solid tumors, including but not limited to breast cancer and malignant melanoma.
He became the Medical director of Oncotherm in 2021 and has been supporting Oncotherm with his valuable expertise ever since. He initiated a Phase II and Phase III randomized clinical trial, using the method of mEHT as a treatment for breast cancer patients. He also has more than a decade of experience in graduate and postgraduate education. He is a recipient of various awards and is a member of several European and American medical societies and secretary general of the Hungarian Society of Senology.

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