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The documentary “A New Standard of Care” coming soon

The first documentary undertaken by WayMark Productions, “A New Standard of Care” (2017 targeted release date), investigates alternative cancer therapies.

The World Health Organization statistics contend one-in-three women and one-in-two men will contract cancer in their lifetime, and that cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide — set to increase by 70 percent in the next two decades.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis psychologically paralyzes many patients. In turn, most readily take their doctors’ advice — advice based on today’s limited Standard of Care protocols.

However, proven science-based therapies capable of extending the life of a cancer victim do exist.

Some forms of non-conventional treatments are already being used in hospitals and leading cancer centers. Yet there is still resistance adding them to today’s conventional Standard of Care for cancer due to wide-spread misinformation and special interests.

Traveling throughout the U.S. and abroad, WayMark’s team is gathering information on the leading alternative technologies through interviews with top scientists, medical doctors and patients; key regulatory and government decision makers; and heads of associations.

This documentary film is designed to educate policymakers, the medical community and the public that these alternative cancer treatments are legitimate and worthy of future investment, research and clinical trials.

The cancer diagnosis is nothing to fear if we are armed with the right tools to treat — and potentially cure — this dreadful disease using “A New Standard of Care.”

New standard of care – documentum movie