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Board inauguration at the Outsourcing Department of Biotechnics, at Oncotherm Kft.

Oncotherm Kft. is based in Budaörs, it was founded by Prof. Dr. András Szász in 1988. The company develops and manufactures supplementary oncological treatment tools which are exported to 32 countries. More than 200,000 treatments are performed with these devices annually to treat treat advanced tumor diseases. In Hungary, an international training and treatment center is being established at the Semmelweis University’s Oncology Center supported by tender source for enhancing the international recognition of the method.

Oncotherm Kft. is proud of its ability to contribute to strengthening the practical aspect of education. This task is performed by the Outsourcing Department of Biotechnics of Szent István University at Oncotherm Kft. in Budaörs.

Oncotherm Kft. and the Outsourcing Department of Biotechnics are cooperating in the overall harmony of the university education and the industry, especially by training the students of the doctoral school. On September 14, 2017, an information board was hanged up, the inauguration of which was brought about by the change of the site of Oncotherm Kft.

Oncotherm Kft. thanks to all members of the board promotion for their participation. The fact was particularly honored that we were able to welcome prominent professors at the inauguration, namely:

Dr. Gyula Péter Szigeti – Vice President for Research and Development of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office
Prof. Dr. János Tőzsér – Rector of Szent István University
Prof. Dr. István Szabó – Vice-Rector for International Relations of Szent István University
Prof. Dr. László Kátai – Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Szent István University
Dr. Tibor Krenács – 1st Institute of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research, Semmelweis University of Medicine, senior research fellow

The event was honored by the presence of two former PhD students who had already participated in the training program which began in 1994:
Prof. Dr. Gabriella Hegyi – Head of Department of the Faculty of Health Sciences Complementary Department of Medicine at Pécsi Tudományegyetem and Director of Konfucius Institute
Prof. Dr. Ibolya Zsoldos – Head of Department of Materials Science and Technology at István Széchenyi University, Deputy Assistant Dean of the Audi Hungaria Vehicle Engineering Faculty

Board inauguration was followed by the presentation of the company’s results and publications and the presentation of the departments of the company.

  • Prof. Dr. Tőzsér János and Prof. Dr. Szász András (Photo: Emese Petőházi)

  • Balázs Ács and Dr. Olivér Szász - Managing directors of Oncotherm (Photo: Emese Petőházi)

  • From left to right: Prof. Dr. László Kátai, Prof. Dr. István Szabó, Dr. Gyula Péter Szigeti, Prof. Dr. András, Prof. Dr. Ibolya Zsoldos, Prof. Dr. Gabriella Hegyi, Balázs Ács, Dr. Tibor Krenács, Prof. Dr. János Tőzsér, Dr. Olivér Szász (Photo: Emese Petőházi)

  • Information board (Photo: Emese Petőházi)

  • Information board (Photo: Emese Petőházi)

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