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Quality Management

Oncotherm Quality Policy

The objective of every worker of the Oncotherm Group is to obtain the customers' satisfaction. The working principle and technical level of our devices assures our reputation and the leading role in the hyperthermia device industry and market. The continuous improvement of the quality and the functionality of our manufacturing process and products are the basis of our successful activity.

With the help of our quality management system we guarantee the highest available quality of our products and service facilities. We have provided this opportunity with enrolling our quality management system according to the requirements of ISO 13485 standards, approved by the German TÜV Product/Management Service. You can validate our certificates by clicking on the badges below and download them with the provided links in PDF format. 

Accordingly, we take care of the following directives in our quality policy:

Customer focus

The needs of our customers have special emphasis in our policy. Our basic objective is the fulfillment of the customers' and users' (medical) requirements as well as providing a device to offer a treatment of patients on the highest level.


The basis of our continuous improvement, (which means our competitive ability), is the wide-ranging and multidirectional innovation. Our target is the integration of the newest scientific results and technical solutions in our devices. We believe that the research-development-innovation may be efficient only if we are able to achieve - keeping in view the "evidence based medicine" principle - the fulfillment of the actual market demands. Therefore, we increase our customer support activities and at the same time we process the available treatment data. Moreover we prove our results with prospective and retrospective clinical studies.

Handing our knowledge over

We aspire to that our therapeutic procedure shall be widely-known and accepted through our products and through definite target groups such as oncologists, radio-therapeutics and onco-surgeons. We have aimed at continuous training and continuative education of these target groups. Consequently, for us the quality does not mean the usual product quality and responsibility alone but that surplus the knowledge and experience which attain the confidence of physicians and patients. This definite surplus is based on the deep vocation of all of our colleagues from the development, through the manufacturing of the product up to the installation and training.

That is why our common knowledge and loyal commitment are important for us and our company puts high importance to the assurance of their working conditions and professional improvements and of course to the high level expectations regarding our everyday work. For the accomplishment of our quality policy and the relating objectives we assure the continuous training of our colleagues by employing our internal training system and external trainings, conferences, seminars and exhibitions. Our strong university connections and scientific interest make it possible to implement the latest medical results into our development and represent the state-of-art with our products.