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Prof. Dr. András Szász

Founder of the Company, Advisor

Oncotherm Kft.

Prof. Dr. András Szász invented the method of Oncothermia (modulated electro-hyperthermia, mEHT) and the founder of the Oncotherm company group. He worked at many renowned universities during his career. He is still active as a university professor at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences in Gödöllő, the scientific manager of the Oncotherm group, and represents the method of Oncothermia on international events throughout the world. More than 450 scientific publications can be linked to his name and he is still actively writing scientific articles in professional journals. He is also the co-author of 8 books and the author of the book “Oncothermia – Principles and Practices” in the famous Springer Publishing. In addition to his research work, he also considers practical development as a task, which he formulated in more than 40 patents. These patents are the basis of the work of the Oncotherm group of companies and the cohesion of the developed commercial network.