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LabEHY 200



The LabEHY device is devoted to do in vitro (cell line) and in vivo (small animal) experiment with the Oncothermia method.

It is manufactured for research purposes.


Non-invasive treatment
Focuses automatically on tumor tissue
LabEHY 200
LabEHY 200

Technical specifications

Line voltage:
AC 230V/50Hz
Power input:
120 VA
Output useful power:
max. 80 W
Nominal load:
50 Ohm
Output carrier frequency:
13.56 (MHz)
Output modulating frequency:
Fractal noise
13 (kg)
Size (height,depth,width):
140*300*480 mm
+10°C - +30°C
Relative humidity:
20% - 60% (non condensing)
Air pressure:
700 hPa - 1060 hPa

Device accessories

Special electrodes (with cable)